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We'll show you how to reach more people than the in-game trade 820, saving you time by not having to repost services in-game

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Same 820 services but curated:

    - Giving your services better visibility
    - More flexibility with service detail and formatting
    - Your services can be rated with a point based system
    - Saving you time! No constant posting of services in-game

What you see...


Manage posts on the site or directly in discord!

What they see...

Reach more people than in-game trade 820

Post Example

In-game trade 820 is convenient, but that's about it. When you do a post it gets lost in the sea of other postings, people spamming "looking for's" and item sales. If you want to do a static post that's active to others when you're in-game then this is the tool for you. With a solid Post you'll spend less time providing details in-game.


Stick with something basic and attention grabbing. If you're providing a Boss Killer service, you could include your price. And there's no need to included the Post Category (Boss Killer, Crafting, etc.) in the Title as your post will be nested under the proper category.


It's best to list all relevant information for your service while not providing too much fluff. For example, if you're offering Crafting as your service, it's a good idea to list the various prices if you charge more for rare crafts etc. If you have a thread on the Path of Exile Forums it is strongly encouraged to include that in the Post's Description. The Path of Exile account name you specify in your profile will be used in conjunction with the PoE API to include one of your character names that the customer can us to PM you in-game.


Voice Channel

When the 'trade820' bot detects that you're playing Path of Exile it will create your own Voice Channel. Your Voice Channel will appear under the Primary Category you specify during account creation, which can also be changed in your User Profile. The voice channel will simply be your Discord username with delimeter, example: "Matt Snow#0001". If you offer a service where voice/video share would be convenient it's there for your use.


It's important that after your provide your service that you recommend that your customer give you karma as this is listed in your Post. Simply have your customer do an @YourNameHere++ to level you up (Make sure they're happy because they can also do an @YourNameHere--). To provide the best ranking system for the Customers, you have separate karma rankings for each category (Boss Killer, Crafting, Challenges and Rotations).